Eid MUbarak

Eid Mubarak to all Poetry readers
may your ibadah in Ramadhan be the healer
protecting you from the torments of hellfire
a reward for curbing your earthly desires

Many Ramadhan went, yet another
the true test is not over!
for a month of perspire
to jannah you aspire.

Is there any difference?
in your dealing with the daily occurrence
do you get upset easily
by a friend being silly?

a month is a short time
to seek forgiveness for a great crime
But, behold!....ALLAH has given the "night of power"*
for you to get your act together

the congregations are getting smaller..
Is the ummah getting smarter?
the last ten days are crucial
but not for being social

in the beginning, we fight for places
in the end we are being careless.
do not forfeit our rights..
for a thousand months rewards that "night"

O..true seekers of the night.
get up and fight
a struggle of might
as to jannah you set your sight

Eid Mubarak again to one and all
our ummah must stand proud and tall
in this time of crisis
just another play in this life's oasis

Lets us pray for a better tomorrow
and do not forget we have to return what we borrow:-
"this short life on earth"
is definitely not our permanent turf.

Many poems had been written
some bid good riddance, while others were smitten
and a few went into rhapsodies
for all the above, please accept my humble apologies

*In Surah Al-Qadr, verse 3 ALLAH SWT says:-
"The night of Al-Qadr (Decree) is better than a thousand months (ie worshipping ALLAH in that night is better than worshipping HIM a thousand months (ie.83 years and 4 months)"

Penned By Qalamuddin


Enjoyable read! Thank you for sharing and I hope you keep it coming! Jazakallah!

salam, beautiful poem.....

thank u 4 sharing this write....its a good reminder....barakAllahu feek brother