tell me everything i don't know.
why the wind blows?
why the moon glows?
and everytime the rooster crows,
the sun shows?
tell something about everything.
why birds are melodiously singing
perch on a tree firmly standing?
why the clouds are floating in the sky
and fogs are crawling on a mountain high?
why is it cold in winter
and ain't snow in summer?
makes me wonder,
to read nd to ponder.
tell me something about the sea,
where the horizon is free
as far as i can see
and where the sun flee.
tell me everything about these.
how milk bcae cheeze
how honey produced by bees?
and how you are always missed?
tell me everything about Him.
who set all of these to be seen.
who knows the unseen.
and who created everything
and all that's in between.