Fake Fearz

You will never know the fears I have
You've never felt what I've felt
Never seen what I witnessed
Never amplified what I've heard..
So stop right there coz your beard don't fool me and nether does your niqaab.
They say deen is so easy but why do we get flimsy
People goin on as if they shit ice-cream. Girls actin dumb. Young male species
Claiming to be G when he still live wif his mum. Indecencies all around me
Where am I to run? So if ya feel me give me a thumb. We carry the same skin
Yet fail to understand that our common prehistoric spiritual knowledge is ONE. Yeah I'm done
Tryna paint my white picket fence n all when its only ganna gnaw at me some
More. Coz we'll only feel that undoubted peace when not one but both our feet
Enter eternal Janah. So till then keep taming that soul of yours to achieve
That nafsul mut ma inna (sound soul)...