All the people in Fallujah are dying
All the muslims in the world are crying

The troops don’t care
They won’t even dare

They think it’s one big game
But I think it’s lame

Why do we all fight
I don’t think it’s right

Im muslim as well
Lets ring the bell
Lets all join hands

Call the people for the Islamic state
Help is put back the faith

Why don’t you fight for what Islam says Is right?
Time has come for us to decide

The future for the muslims we must Not hide.
Those who believe will go very far
If we truly have feelings for whats Going on.
We will get up and pray all through the night

We will keep that star shining
That star that we believe in
The one that once made our faith
We have to re-establish that state.

That’s the only way were going to be free
Count one count two count three
Get up and fight for what Muhammead says is right
Your muslim as well
So get up and ring that bell
Stand up to the west
Supportig our muslim brothers
And sisters is the test.

Time has come to change our rulers
Everyone knows that they just dictators
Islam is the only way
That’s why we will stand up
And say…

by Mahria