Fiery skies above icy seas unite in beauty, hypnosis so deep and heavy.
Who dares to enter disbelief? The very thought so wicked.
Electric air and earth moist with tears, a combination no man can mimic.
Who dares to join another with the Almighty?
Ones life and dreams are in His hands and no others.
When the wind can whisper softly caressing your hair and face, and you welcome it smiling, your mind skips a thought for the One who gave you such pleasure.
You witness howling rage of breath taking gales, now you know true power of the One you doubted.
You respect the beauty, the calm whispers of that breeze you used to welcome.
Over come by infinite might, power, beauty, nature and yourself.
An oath is made, you found your place, and you know where your tired feet should take you next.
The journey of belief has begun, and the fiery skies and icy seas and electric air and teary earth will accompany you on your way.
Now you found the cure to that aching heart of yours.
No longer will the illness of wicked thought and disbelief, move your soul further from those gates we all strive to enter.