The day brightens up,
Sparkens up,
And makes you wake up,
Jum'at prayer calls up,
Allahu-akbar in sujuud then you rise up,
End of story then you stand up,
Blessings from the sky up.

Salam amongst will spread out,
You aint a criminal nor a tout,
Just a regular believer scout,
Fruit nation thou sprout,
Kindness loveliness will space out,
Reaching every one scout,
Fast and faster like a shout.

Soon, the sky breaks up,
Angels gather up.
Share the blessings and chase up,
To say ameen for believers and race up,
Beautiful friday so light up.
Spark up,
Help the deen rise up,
Love the poem because it rhymes up,
Jum'at kareem so cheer up.

#7 The Nine SHUJA3 Collection.