Having friends has no boundaries,
Not in age, color or countries.
Unlike love it is countless,
The more one has,
The less weight one carries.
Being friends is the greatest bond,
It forms the basis of love.
No two can truly love if they are not friends,
Or soon they would meet their end.

To me friends are like a gift,
One that I am grateful for till the end.
At times of despair, I’m there to depend,
At times of danger, I’m there to defend.

I’ll hold you ever so near,
For you are so dear.
When problems come our way,
Working together we will be ok.
Together we share a bond,
Better than love, this is far beyond.
It starts off as a spark of fire,
Growing ever large till it glows like sapphire.
If one is sad, the feeling is shared,
That’s how we know the other cared.

As days go by, and nights flow by,
We’ll be together, forever, not saying goodbye.
Without a friend like you ,
I would be lost,
No reason to get out of bed,
Just waiting to drop dead.

So let’s make a promise then and now,
That no matter what we won’t be down.
We’ll journey together forevermore.
Let’s sail off to the mysteries of life,
Out to the wonders and hardships.
Nothing but fun and laughter in our trip.
On our remarkable Friend-Ship.