A Gift for a Queen (Khadijah r.a)

A rose on a velvet cloth
Precious gems in all things splendour
A lamp, bursting light
Picture our queen tonight…….

A rose on a velvet cloth
For you oh Khadija Khuwailid radhiallahu anha
Queen of hearts of all hearts
For your one true love and faith in him
Our beloved Prophet, pbuh…
Truest come from a beautiful soul within

Gems surrounding you
Oh Khadijah radhiallahu anha
Mother Pearl of all Pearls
Inspiration to women around the world
Bore a treasured gem, Fatima Az-Zahra
Blessedly the epitome of a true muslimah

A lamp bursting light,
Oh radiant Khadija Radhiallahu anha
Your sacrifice, devotion and strength
Ignited love and confidence
For him, our beloved Rasullullah s.a.w
Brought Islam, a guiding light
For all mankind – unite.

I love you dear Saiyiditina Khadijah Radhiallahu anha
Fresh scented rose, on a velvet cloth you are,
A Precious gem in all things splendour
A radiant lamp, bursting light..
You are, our picture, a most beautiful Queen..in sight…….