The Great Saint Of Ajmer

I made this poem whilst finding out the contributions given By Khwaja Sahib and his presence in the Indian Subcontinent - and it's bountiful effects. I hope we call all learn from great men on the past and know for without their knowledge Islam wouldn't of traveled so far. The Poem requires a bit of understanding of Islamic history and maybe hard to understand. But after learning about this great man - the Rhyme that accompanies this Poem will bring it to life :)

-The Great Saint Of Ajmer -

Endeavored Unto a city unknown to Him
Guided by Mustafa himself, one festooned of Purity
A city infested of sin. A city where faith grew Dim.
Extinguish whom harm peace. A task ridden of Obscurity.

"Thou art a helper of my religion." Our Great Prophet Professes
Indeed an arduous journey, O Mustafa! This command is Thine
"I entrust thee to the country of Hindustan." Our Noble Prophet Blesses.
O bringer of Light! This command is now Mine.

Baghdad Sharif, city of Knowledge. He takes his Leave.
Now he must tread the path of Prevailing Darkness
Proceed towards the city, he must! Mustafa has commanded, he must Believe.
Still. The thorny trail leading to the Lord of Mercy, shines with Brightness.

A step into the city, it's nature like Ore, full of Impurities - Lawless.
Anagar hill, Just below the glistening sun. It served his Need
Contemplating how to smelt the Impurities and turn it into Gold - Flawless.
At Once! The Kings men arrive. Astounded by a man of a different Creed

Even the Great Rajput King ordered his men to give an apology - the Comply
How could he change a city with such Loyalty.
"The Camels now stand." A simple, yet Humble Reply
The Royal court Adorn themselves with Luxurious Splendor and Royalty.

Muhammad Ghauri charged through the Khyber Pass. Urging for a Fight.
In Flock's they came. To see One of Allah's beloved, Astounded by his Intellect
The Second time, Chauhan fell to the Afghan Sultan's Might.
Heathen's, Pagans and Unbelievers, still gave him their Boundless Respect

Lo! The Blessed city of Ajmer was Mercifully Saved.
The Viscous Fog that consumed the city was no more. No longer was is Misty
The River Leading to the Divine - Ajmer and it's Unbelievers Bathed.
Lest we never Forget the Great Saint Of Ajmer! Syed Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti

By Naushahi