Hate and Love

If not ensued by hatred
then why spit at my feet
If not poured by enmity
then why dwindle with my step

Across a globe filled with injustice
I fight with my neighbour over a fence
And beyond every container in it hope
They drown it at sea
taking with it what it holds

A scold from a ruler or a peasant, all the same
A young girl flounders in quick sand, her parents at bay
Transparent to care, and opaque to point
a finger at me, or she, for having not heard
that today would be much better to behold
than the days that are concealed
it is better to diminish now
than to dwell in injustice or shame

Better it be to watch, than to feel
And to squint at pain, than to yell
And to adore a sun, without feeling its burn
And to taste water, without its chill or heat
I would better love than reel in my own disagreement
for even i hate and blemish my own vision