He and she and so many of them.

He's stressed as he sits at his desk and all those meetings he attends.
He has to go home to a moaning wife so he stays out as long as he can.
He has to compete and entertain all of his family and friends.
When he finally comes home, his dinner is cold, this poor unfortunate man!

His hands worn and his shirt all torn,
His back gone numb from the lifting.
His son out all day collecting the corn.
His mind forever from his life just drifting.
He waits all day in this dirt and rubble just waiting to kiss his wife.
They see each other once a week but she is why he does this to his life.

She's crying on the kitchen floor cuz she just found out he's cheating.
Smashes the house and packs up her things to leave this awful life.
This wasn't the way, the future she was seeking.
So she threw her ring in his face, this poor unfortunate wife

Her cracked bare feet as they pound on the floor,
Her family depend on her and her caring.
The children waiting for food as they lurk in the door.
She's only got one loaf but they make do sharing.
She hears the whimpering from hunger as her babies try to sleep.
The rain of fire that showers her home is more than she can bare.
The sanity, the calmness, comfort she finds so hard to keep.
The smoky mist around her land is what she breaths as air.

He stamps his foot on the bedroom floor.
He wanted the other remote control car.
Says he hates his mum, then slams the door.
Wishing he lived away somewhere far.

But far away she stands before her broken home.
She can't find her family and she knows.
She's left there to survive on her own.
But far away, that's just how life goes.

People of this world unite and see the pain we ignore.
See the hunger and killing of one too many wars.
What do we stand silent for?
When our world is bleeding from the core!