The Hijab Rap

Wearing my Hijab I pass these guys
Right away I know they thinking of the lies
How Muslims are terrorists who commit suicide
So they can kill people before they die
I feel like sitting down to erase their doubts
Let them know what the real Islam is about
Tell them I've heard the little kids scream and shout
At the enemies to let their families out
All that shiz on TV, all that crap they giving me
Muslim terrorist killed those three
He bombed that building there goes the city
They stare at us Muslimahs eyes filled with pity
They think we forced to wear it cause we pretty
They dont know we wear it to become a we
Cause when we do that we combine all the seas
We put the free in the freedom we aint gonna be
Enslaved by the media enslaved by the TV
One day the Muslim ummah is gonna be
From the A B C to the Y X Z
Pray to Allah to guide you and me
And let truth be spread in this country

Tell me
When will this hatred stop
Tell me
When is the crime gonna drop
Tell me
When will we be on top
Tell me
Will our iman rise or drop
Tell me
If you get what I'm sayin'
Tell me
If u feel what I'm feelin'
Tell me
If u see what I'm seein'
Tell me
When will you start believin'

Man I bet you cant imagine the look on my face
When I read the news and I'm feeling the hate
One minute Turkey was here next thing it aint
We gotta get back in line gotta set things straight
Who cares the crime rate we stand in free state
Dont matter if we great aslong as we show em the right way
You can be sunni or shiite sects dont matter in this state
We brothers and sisters and its our iman we gotta upgrade
The hate we erase, the love we place
All the races combined into one race

much sense

Beautiful poem. I wish more people read it, especially those who are not Muslims. It became a stereotype which it warmed up by movies and news. As for me, I like this poem very much . There is so much sense in it.


I Just Came Across This Site Today... Such A Bewtiiful Rap. Masha'Allah.

mashaaallah! i have read

mashaaallah! i have read this rap so many times in the past few days. And this is so awesome! poeple always think muslims are terorists. i hope you do sit down with some of them and let them know about islam. may allah bless you with more thoughts so you can write another poem or rap. it could change someone's life

Very Ture

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
Mashallah, This Poem, really touched my heart, I felt tears in my eyes, its too emotional, You've done a good job!..
& its very ture:)...

o nice one mashAllah

o nice one mashAllah

The Hijab Rap

Mashallah this is really good
You should really sing this or let someone else do it.
Trust me, people will luv it
keep up the good work and keep doing what you are doing
salam and take care


********mashallah this is a really good poem
ireally like it and its very true