Hijabi girls worse than those in mini skirts

Hijabi girls nowadays
Are worse than those with mini skirts
They lie and flirt
Swear and curse

They look pious
But inside they are negus ( impure )
The way they act and behave
Embarrasses you and our deen
It may sound mean
But it’s a fact
And observed in college, university and shopping centres

They wear the hijab with tight fitted clothing
Because they think hijab and jilbaab is boring
They want respect and attention from guys
So they dress both Islamic and western

They have created a new trend
And even those with proper hijab feel willing to bend
A little make up and perfume
Leading to losing more of their hayya ( shame ) and modesty

You see them everywhere
And think that they are Islamic
And a credit to our deen
In these times of fitna and impropriety
But they are far from being ‘ proper’ and Islamic

Hijabi girls are lost and confused
They think a piece of cloth will protect them from being used and abused by boys
But their actions speak louder than words
They are worse than those who wear mini skirts

Many don’t even pray
But are quick to refer to themselves as hijabies
And think it’s an exclusive club
And an identity

Some come to college and then go through a change
In personality and behaviour
It’s almost like they are living a double life
Away from the family and community

Concepts, ideas and values messed up
So what good is a piece of cloth on their head?
They listen to music and sing the filthy lyrics
Make even the non-Muslim blush
By their behaviour

Ya Allah they are far from Islam
And victims of the secular society and its liberal values
What to do except give them dawah
Practice the deen and be an example
Make them think and see the contradiction
And return back to the right path