A Home of Peace

In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficient the Most Merciful.
"Glory be to You, O ALLAH, and Blessed is Your Majesty.
And, there is no God besides You.
Ya ALLAH! enable me to be grateful for the Favors that you have bestowed upon Me!Ya ALLAH! I am in need of a home! Ya ALLAH Grant me a Home of safety,Security and peace ,A home Lawful,Good and Purified by Your Mercy! in this world life,out of the reach of your enemies and out of the reach of my enemies. Ya ALLAH! I am in need of a Home of safety,Security and peace!-(Ya ALLAH!) O ALLAH! I Bag of you to Bestow on me (a Believing Muslim) a Home in Makkah and a Home in Madinah, a Home of Safety, Security and Peace! Ya ALLAH! I Bag of YOU to Grant me a Home in Madinah near Your Rasulallah(sallallahu alayhi wa salam) ,A Home Lawful,Good and Purified by Your Mercy! in this Life and a Home the life Hereafter,out of the reach of the Fire of Hell! Ya Arhamar Rahemeen, Ya Arhamar Rahemeen, Ya Arhamar Rahemeen!Ya AR-Razzaq! Ya Ar-Razzaq! Ya Ar-Razzaq! ALLAH is Ar Razzaq!
And, Glorified is He,
"The Provider" of all sustenance and Bounty.
"For, it is He who has everything in His care!"
Our "Creator," Our "Sustainer!"
"The Sustainer of the Heavens and the Earth."
And, "ALLAH - He alone - is The Best of Providers,"
"The Most Bountiful!"
Our Rabb of Majesty and Bounty!
The One who is most worthy of all Thanks and Praise.
"The Source of All Goodness."
And, He "provides" "out of His abundance and mercy"
willingly, out of Love for His creations
with Great Glory and Charity,
for "ALLAH is indeed infinite,"
"The Generous,"
"The Loving!" "The Giving!"
So partake of the good Bounty ALLAH has provided
for you as sustenance,and render thanks and worship Him,
"The Most Bountiful," "The Most Gracious" "Provider!"
For He has given us many blessings,
and the "blessing of a fine earth."
And, "spend on others of what
He "provides for" you "as sustenance,"
longing for His Grace and Blessing.
For, ALLAH multiplies the blessings of
of "those who Believe,"
and, "who give in charity"
to others.Ya ALLAH! Guide me along with those whom You hast guided. Keep me in ease along with those whom You hast kept in ease. Be My protecting friend along with those whose protecting friend You has been. Bless Me in what You hast granted me. Grant me protection against the ill-effects of what may have been ordained for me. For Your decision is final and nobody can decide against Your will. He who has You as the protecting Friend cannot be abased. Ya Rabb! You are the Blessed and You are the Most Highest.” Ya Arhamar Rahemeen, Ya Arhamar Rahemeen, Ya Arhamar Rahemeen!


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