"Hopeless Guy"

"Hopeless Guy"

It was was a dark and stormy night
I kept crying and crying and everything was silent quite

Why would everything happen me,'can someone describe

I screamed into the darkness night and it was high fright.
But i never cared because i knew it was a Dead Light

I looked around myself; all i found was a memory from yester night.
All left me alone, as an unnecessary Gravestone,

I cried and cried when everything was gone.

I just could not stop crying, tears ran down my cheeks
And it felt as if I was entirely on dying.

I only heard my cry in this unbright night
As if the whole world was keeping silent quiet.

Everything was wrong, so incredibly wrong,
Everything around me seems to move, but in my mind, time stands still.
I have begun to doubt everything in life,

Why should it happen to me, why, why I’m asking can someone describe
And i cried and cried so high, up to the screaming night,
But you will never understand me because it never happened to you right.

I cried and cried until I fall sleep deeply
but in the middle of the night I had nightmare and raced up pretty quickly

I had no hope; my hope was gone
When everyone left me alone,

To this unequal world, to his poor world

My eyes sparkle just sadness and pain
And my soul longs for freedom again.

The world had no meaning anymore,
I hope I was not living anaymore

I can not tolerate pain longer, until death life, now living death
By Your muslim brother