Husayn (AS)

10th May 2016/3rd Shaban 1437 is the birth date of Hazrat Imam Husayn (AS), beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Husayn (AS) was martyred on 10th Muharram along with his brother, sons including his 6 month old baby, nephews and friends.

The pride of his grandfather, Muhammad (pbuh)
The pride of all the prophets since the beginning
A great light from the children of Adam (AS)

Look at the zeal, the strength, the patience
The beauty, the submission
Of Husayn (AS)

His whole life an example of pure piety
Then in death, sacrifice for his beloved
Allah (SWT)

When darkness surrounds, like it did back then
There are few, so very few, such men
Who give all they have to show the truth
In life, and death, they shine like gems.

Saqib Hussain