I am an orphan

I recall my days
they make me happy in many ways
because i was a princess
princess of my own palace
loss of my beloved daddy
made me lose even my teddy

my hungry heart cries
cries day and night
i am waiting to see any body feed in a day
love and affection to wipe my tears at night
will any body turn to see me?

yes i am here
you know me very well
i am an orphan
you have recited so many verses about me
still many many of you are reciting
there is a promise of jennah from Allah SAW

no need of a lengthy explanation
of my situation
who HE the creator already said about this creation
just a very little portion of your wealth
will save me here
and you in hearafter.

(please brothers and sisters help orphans).

Very nice, Alhamdulillah

Very nice, Alhamdulillah