I desire to be you

I do not desire to be one of the Archangels and their closeness to God.
I do not desire to be one of the prophets and their appointment to carry His Call.
I do not desire to be one of the saints being the brides of the Lord.
I do not desire to be one of the 123999 companions of The Prophet who gave Islam his all.

But I desire to be you, O Abu Bakr.
I desire to be you.

Whatever came to the Prophet’s heart, he poured it into you.
He said that if not for Allah, you will be his closest friend.
He placed his blessed head on your lap in the cave
And your tears fell for the safety of Ahmad from the snake.

Who else has the love of Prophet Muhammad like you.
Wherever you went, your thoughts of him are true.

When your son said that he could have killed you when he had the chance,
You said that you would have killed him for the love of Muhammad is greater.

You are the first to believe when he told his people of the Night Journey.
You give all your possessions for his mission till you had a shirt that you shared with your wife.

Among all the creations, you know his secret reality.
And in rank you surpass Uwais and Ali.

O Abu Bakr, I desire to be you.