I See Him In You

I just want to take this moment to tell you that I see him in you,
And that's the biggest compliment I can pay you, that I see him in you.
Pure elation; what I've known all along rings loudly, rings true,
That chivalry may have died, but again revived,
Because I see him you.

The day I set my eyes on you, I knew, oh how I knew,
That this was not a trick of the eyes, of the mind, oh how I knew.
And now that many days have passed,
You've confirmed what I've known to be true,
Bringing oozes of rouge to what was once black and white,
I see him in you, I see him in you.

Your unparalleled kindness, even your silence is da'wah,
As you strive for His pleasure in lieu
Of the life of this world, a moment or two,
I see him in you, I do.
Your modesty blinds you to see what I see,
But the light of your shyness shines through,
Gazes cast low in the face of blinding simplicity,
A door opens to have faith renewed.

I have heard of a herd of a shepherd,
And the things that he used to do,
A light to guide his flock aright,
The light I see in you.
I see you follow that shepherd,
Those in close proximity benefit too,
I see him in you, I see you in them,
As the aromas of your aura pass through.

A character that's laced with musk,
Which embarrasses flowers in bloom,
A walking reminder, giving hope to the hopeless,
Each time you enter the room.

But it's an example I follow with caution,
Whilst we're here the struggle remains,
A patient prisoner, gaining life upon death,
And release from these transitory chains.
I hope to wake before I sleep,
And then wake up next to you,
The incessant hope that wherever you are,
I'll be sure to find him too.

For as long as I see you follow,
Holding the light that guides me too,
I shall endure with you this journey,
I see him in you, I do.