I Stay Muslimeen

Just the other day I heard you got caught with a dude
And it didn't shock me because of the way you act at school
Right infront of my eyes she made this adjustment
She wore her clothes outta alinment
I left her with no comment
Don't get me wrong
I was in total disagreement
I just stayed a bystander
As she messed with the opposite gender
Witnessed how she became thier contender
Every move she made just got stupider
She noticed how I nodded her left to right
But She didn't put up no fight
She didn't give no counterargument
Because She knew she was wrong
She knew she was an embarrassment
We sat in math class across from eachother
Our eyes met so frequent
She told me "You muggin' me has become so persistent"
I told her "Stay playin' misses innocent"
How I hope she resent
For all her nonsense
How bad she misrepresent
I guess in her head
She stay muslimeen 'till a certain extent
I hope she knows in my head
I stay mulimeen.

Susie A.