I wish to die as a shahida

I wish to die as a shahida and wake up as a greenbird nesting the most beautiful and perfect chandelier in arshul majid.
Flying through the gate of jannatul mava and resting on the trees of jannatul adan.
I wish to die as a shahida when I wake up I wish to find myself in darussalam feeding on the fruits of jannatul firdaus and drinking from the river of alkwathar
I wish to die as a shahida so when I wake I will be lying in jannatul na'eem .please don't cry my close ones when am gone ,because I shall pray in jannatul qasif for you to join me in darrul khuld.
We shall have a swim on salsabeel and tasneen passing through Ar-rayyan.we shall have a royal feast, eat and drink from the most glamorous of darrul maqaam before passing through the gate of al-ayman to go be with khairul qalbillah