Ibrahim (pbuh)

With childish eager he asked his Lord
"What raises men above others & brings them closer to God?
I wish to feel you , to hear from you , I wish to see
Tell me Master ,How should I be?
If I gain all the knowledge of the world & spend my life in worshiping Thee
Will You then come closer to me?"

His Lord God looked at him, & smiled.
"Know yourself ,then you will know Me child

When you walk on the earth with your head held high
without the lust to live , without the fear to die

When you free yourself from the chains that bind
When you free your soul from secrets deep

When you are blessed with the simple joys of life
a day of hard work, a night of sound sleep

When neither victory nor disaster can cause to erase
The innocence of those sparkling eyes,the content on that smiling face

When you stop grieving the tragedies of fate
When you will to bear , when you will to wait

When your wealth, your women,your sons stop to lure
When you seek My pleasure in every word every action pure

When you stop envying men of power & state
When your lips speak of your belief,your eyes of your faith

Beyond the beauty of the springs when you begin to see
When your thirsty soul begins to search for Me

Know you then that I am but near
Feel Me with thy heart , with thy ears you hear."