If I was Behind Bars…

If I was Behind Bars…

If I was behind bars, I would know my Lord well
I would know which way is to Paradise and which is to Hell
Life on the streets is completely open and free
It would prevent me from worshiping my Lord exclusively

If I was behind bars, my life would be easy
I wouldn’t have any concerns like those who are free
My time would be occupied in worshipping Allah
Reading the divine Book and standing in Salah

If I was behind bars, my job would be one
Increasing my good deeds before I am gone
The life which would lie outside my cold cell
May look like paradise but by fact it is hell

If I was behind bars, I would journey a lot
The Qur’aan will take me to the past deserts hot
I would live amongst those who are the best, whom I love
Those who worshiped none but my Great Lord above

If I was behind bars, I would be as free as the air
You may see me dragged by my legs, arms and hair
What lies in my heart, is what you don’t see
Paradise is printed on it - its victory for me

If I was behind bars, my life would be a mystery
I will see it as nothing but joy, love and sincerity
You’ll see me as oppressed, helpless and weak
You’ll never know the happiness I go through each week.

So my dear brothers and sisters don’t feel down nor weep
Allah (swt) tests the believers with either hardship or ease
If we wish to be with those who are most dear to us
We must follow their path, be it by train, car or bus

If what you face today is very hard upon you
Remember the day where the saved will be a few
Jannah awaits us oh people of submission
So do not fail to land there - you must fulfil your mission

And as time is so less, I end my reminder to you all today
Whatever the circumstance, we will all have to pay
So if you were behind bars, what would you do?
Would you follow majority, or the guided few?