Islamic Summary.

I am a muslim, I stand proud and tall,
I know Allah Tallah will catch me when ever I fall.

I feel soo lucky to be born into this religion,
More than some wll ever imagine.

I ask for forgiveness, when I have done wrong,
Hoping to be accepted, from the millions among.

O muslims be careful what we say,
And be careful not to disobey,

For in life,
Ones tounger can hurt, sharp like a knife.

Take all these into consideration,
Making Islam the most worshipped nation.


Slm - some robust writing there - keep it up! Rgds H

Hopefully you'll enjpy this

Hopefully you'll enjpy this poem, I am only 13 years old, and wasnt sure what to write, so I just wrote whatever came to my mind about Islam, feedback would be appreciated. Jazakallah. x