It's time.

I want you to know something
I want you to know what I think
When I hear people insulting my faith
When I see the cops check to ensure you're safe...
To be around me
I want you to know how they make me feel guilty
For simply dressing like the Islamic community.

I want you to understand
And even lend a hand
Not to my attackers, or my haters
But to me - this is my life.
I want to feel protected
Not isolated, rejected
I don't want to always feel so alone.
I want my name and religion to be known.
For what it really is.

When people see me in my religious attire
They become afraid
And they assume the worst of me.
I wish I could comfort them.
But I'm equally as afraid.
I'm hurt and in need.
I want to be understood.
But most of all,
I want these people to tear down this wall
They've built to contain me.

Most of all,
I want them to know me.
But not just me,
But my religion, my family
Islam is where I belong
I solemnly swear with my tongue
That Islam is worth getting to know.
And maybe these attacks will reach an all-time low
Or maybe I'm being a little too aspirational
It's just that so many people have told me
That there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
I don't want to prove them wrong.
And I realise this is getting long,
So I will end this with a prayer
That you will heed my words and we will get there
I only want peace and harmony
I just wish you wouldn't scoff at my dreams.
This isn't funny.
But, our reality.