Just random thoughts

the world it seems is cracking, showing weaknes from it's core.
what's there left to say, I just dont know anymore.
my soul shakes as I stare confused how some can be so blind.
has reality been swallowed by evil, is peace that hard to find?
I'm hurting as a mother, a sister, daughter or whatever.
I fear the hour, the final day, we wont stay around forever.
the lame execuses, for the simple things we know are true.
like wearing hijab or reading quran, is that so hard to do?
I mean, its not like we are expected to be robots in this life.
just simple things we have to do, as husband or as wife.
As believer in islam, reader of quran, defender of our way,
We really dont appreciate how easy Allah made it for everyday.
I just can't trust, I try so hard, I beg for hope and make a start,
I break my ears, trying to hear, I break my thoughts, I break my heart.
I shake my head, it all seems dead, except for far away,
I feel so very far away, too far away from good,
far from the truth and miles from sincere sisterhood.
I'm hanging from a thread, it was once a strong tight rope,
now everything is so messed up, I find it hard to cope.
never mind all that we all have ups and downs,
I hope sunny smiles will replace this world frowns.
It's just so good to write, good to get things off your chest.
investigating what is bad, and what is for the best.
reading other peoples work, what they have to share,
it lets you know that maybe, someone does (for once) care.
what a mercy from Allah, to read and write and give...
different veiws and ways of life to grow and live.
May Allah protect our children, from the hellish eyes of where they are
May Allah have mercy on our souls and keep our enemies down and very far.


Ameen to that ukhtee!

What can I say sis, writing seem to come easily to you, mashaAllah. I read in a comment you wrote somewhere that you maybe publishing your work someday. I couldn't agree more, may Allah grant you success and make your work beneficial to you and to those who read it! You already have a fan here!

Keep it up!

oh wow sister!

thank you so much wallahi I only hope that my words can inspire even one person, if they do, its worth every hour, every letter, every sleepless night....may Allah let your face forever glow, you are very kind.