Just why?

Why do you question my smile?
Why do you feel nervous around me?
Why do you frown at my my dress code and style?
Why can't you see the peace that surrounds me?

Why do you walk faster if I happen to be behind you?
Why do you hold tight to your kids like I'm gonna explode?
Do you think only you can show love that is real and true?
You think only one race can walk down this road?

Why are you threatened by my pride and my way?
Why do you hate when I'm near you?
Why do you mock how I worship and pray?
Why? when you are yearning a peace like mine so true.

Why does our Book scare you?
Too many answers without you needing to ask?
Science was never a strong point at school?
Is reading it a heart breaking task?

Why can't you see that we are very alike, we believe in the Books of God?
We worship One and we pray every day and fast and give to the poor!
why can't you see that T.V turns our belief into fraud?
If you'd just open your eyes to our connection so sure!

Why wont you hear me out when I say we're all about peace?
Why is it that you look over all the good that we do?
No nation is pure and sinless with no crease!
Respect me please, as I respect you!