LET ME......(mother daughter poem)

Let me be your blanket when you are feeling cold,
Let me be your memories, for when we both grow old.
Let me be your voice for when you're shy to speak.
Let me be your smiles when it's comfort that you seek.

Let me hold your hand, and guide you down life's road.
Let me hold your troubles and this worlds nasty load.
Let me hold your face, to tell you that I care.
Let me hold your heart, to let you know I'm there.

Let me be the cloth that wipes away your tears.
Let me be the advise that whispers in those ears.
Let me be the remedy for every ache and pain.
Let me be the one, to polish every lesson's stain.

Let me in, when you are scared and when you're feeling small.
Let me in, so that I may make you, once again feel tall.
Let me in, so I can see how beautiful God has made you.
Let me in, so that I can help with every lesson that He gave you.

Let me see your shining eyes, and let me see your grace.
Let me see the lines of aging decorate your glowing face.
Let me see the little girl that grew in every possible good way.
Let me see my blessings, my sweet darling, each and every day!.