Your face, like that glow that shines through the room as the sun begins to set.
Your hair, ringed like hollow tunnels leading to your beautiful mind.
Your hands, like delicate flowers that give more than they ever get.
Your eyes, like mirrors reflecting love, so observant and kind.

Your feet, like two separate souls that lead you always, to me.
Your lips, that utter words that please, the prettiest pink to see.
Your heart, it's beat is loud and I feel it's passion.
Your company, always comforts in the most peaceful fashion.

Your existence, one of great reward.
Your mercy, one given by my Lord.
Your energy, can never wear me down.
Your mischief, it never made me frown.

Your my little sweet heart, and some day I will go.
Death will catch up on me, and the date I do not know.
But when you get big and strong and brave, I hope I witness all that beauty.
To kiss your eyes and hold you close my precious little cutie.

I try my best to raise you right and I know you know I know,
That you love me back with all the care that every day we show.
When you sleep I lay my head, upon your tiny chest.
I listen to every beat as your smiley eyes just rest.

I love you so my honey pie, and I just need you to know.
That as long as my blood is pumping, it's only with you that I too grow.
We are one and we are strong, and a pair that's blessed with sight.
We will never lose this love and we will really be alright.