LIFE OF OUR PROPHET (SAW) PART-5 continues..........

meanwhile our prophet showed so much dedication
met the converts at Al-Arqam for instruction
by tthe 5th year of prophethood after revelation
Revealation of surah Azzumr(THE GROUPS-39) they understood there is no restriction
Nine of them icluding Ruqqaiya&Affan started to migrate to Abysinia(ethiopia) with prophets permission
they are the first to migrate after Abraham for the cause of Allah for protection
In the same year Ramadan prophet began his recitation
infront of the whaole lots of quarish (surah an Najam, 41) the stars lead them for inspiration
made them stunned shocked and started their prostration
This incident misreported to the migrants that whole quraish embraced Islam it made them leave from their destination
Muslims planned another migration
two messages of quraish claimed their expulsion
the king summoned the muslims for more expanation
They explained all about islam and followed a recitation
the king was moved a lot and cried until his beard wetted by Allah's revelation
revelation of surah maryam-19 satisfied with his similar explanation
Allowed the muslims to live in their destination (abysinia)
however the tyrants quaraish came to a decision
to kill our prophet so many many plan
the worst plan waswhile our prophet was praying uqabah put his garment around the prophet's neck and strangled him violently till Abubakr save his companion
the pride of Abujahl the arch enemy of islam was the cause of conversion
by 6th year the conversion of Hamzah bin al muttab who could not tolerate the violation
towars our prophet cracked his head till it bleed reached the message through a slave girl for his conversion
After three days Another strong man for conversion(Allahu Akbar)
According to our prophets dua for strngthen islam with either umar or Abu jahl Allah chose Umar for conversion
Initialling surah al haqqa 69 and then his sisters narration
narration of surah Taha eradicate the dark layers of hs heart and shine
directly went to prophet and embraced islam and started all the activities with his guide
Muslims started to pray in kahbah with no fear but with the protection
after the conversion of two strong man ,quaraish wanted to request utabah for negotiation
however after leaving the recitation utbah warned the quraish because of his impression
Again they speak with the prophet his answers didnt give them satisfaction
so Abu jahl tried to drop a piece of mountain
while our prophet was in his prostration
But ashe appraoached he dropped it with fear he said a female camel devoured
later prophet said it was gabriel in his explanation
then they came to negotiate the way of worship fearing their ways destruction
Then Allah revealed surah kafiroon(109) for further explanation
then they went to madinah to seek help from jews and for their consideration
Jews said ask him about the children who went away in earlier times in reply surah kahf (people of caves) emerged as revelation
Ask him about the journeys of reached the east and the west of the earth Dhulqurarnain the answer in the form of revelation
later on Abutalib called all his family for the protection
protection of prophet only Abujahl sided with the idollters as a rejection.