Life on repeat

I wake up every morning
like a series on re runs
not remembering yesterday
like life has just begun
leavin home for work
it's like an addiction
but one I need so bad
to evade affliction
Will it ease my struggles
YES, it's a deep conviction
one that flows free
like tha blood inside
and has signs of ancients
who did it with pride
But what if I'm wrong
bleedin for others
it's not a bad thing
to help fellow brothers
but is it really helping
or is it being used
I can't stop to think
ain't got time to snooze
for that will leave me worse
than where I am already
and where is that u ask
not sure,but takin it steady
one step at a time
can't afford to be rash
this little I've secured
all gone in a flash
and so, with this in mind
I calm my brain
so many unanswered questions
are forced to refrain
I close my eyes
and fall into peace
but it never lasts
only a pain increase
knowing what lies ahead
tha same old nighmare
played over and over
OH ALLAH, free me from this despair