Little Ibrahim. (The most adorable little boy you could meet!)

If I say I love you out of the blue,
It's because I'm overwhelmed with happiness just by looking at you!
Please don't freak out if you catch my eyes shedding a tear or two,
It's my heart breaking in two,
because I can't always be there to protect you!
Don't worry if I hug you and can't seem to let go.
It's these silly emotions,
wanting to protect you forever more!
Pray for me my lovely!
Pray I won't fail you in any way.
And never doubt for a moment,
how I feel about you will fade away!
My crazy love for you is here to stay!
Please forgive me if everytime I see you I want to kiss your head,
If maybe I get the reward from Allah
soothing the pain of an orphan who lost his loving dad.
'tell me about daddy! Where is he? Take me to him!'
questions that never fail to shoot through my heart,
answers you're too innocent to understand yet, little Ibrahim!
I tell you he loved you very much, and watch your eyes wonder in awe,
Your little mind trying to understand daddy loving you yet left you so soon.
I look at you and wonder at millions out there in the same shoes as you,
I curse the fool responsible,
who put out light that barely shone,
I curse the fool who wiped your smiles, stole our harvests before it's due!
Head up my little gentel man, heavy tasks lay ahead of you!
May you always be loved and protected,
as an amazing little gentleman you truly are!
May your heart and soul shine with Imaan,
as piercing as Tariq, the brightest star!
May your abode on earth be Medina!
and your last breath like your father on the front line,
your eternal home Jannatal-Firdause,
I'm the proudest auntie, because you're mine!

By Umm Muhammad