Longing for the Praised One

As a servant of Allah
I begin with bismillah.
May the blessings of Allah
Shower upon our nibuyallah.
He taught us dinullah
Illuminating the hearts with nurullah.
And though forgiven by Allah
He always said astaghfurillah.

He practised taqwallah
And never crossed hududullah.
He built baytullah
And shared maalillah.
Like Ibrahim, khalilullah
He received barakatillah.
Like Muuse, kaliimullah
He received kitabillah.

He prayed to Allah
For us to get rahmatullah.
Our venerable Rasulullah
Never forgot about shukrillah.
He observed haqullah
Just to please Allah.
And he chanted dikrullah
Glorifying our Allah.

Every waliyullah
Adores the best of khalqillah.
Muhammed, oh habibullah
We dearly love you wallah.
And we say masha Allah
You're a blessing from Allah.
And after death insha Allah
We wish to meet you bi'idnillah.

By: Cabdullaahi Janno