Feeling. Grief. Heartache. Compassion.
Patience. Belief. Outbreak. Attraction.
A bridge between two hearts lays affection
Emotion can drive in and love can just happen
Yield, slow down. Stop for heartbeats to lengthen
Then get ready and go. Dream to strengthen
In his eyes there's a real intention

Life. Endless. Voice. Happiness.
Faith. Jealous. Choice. Tenderness.
Love is a beautiful blindness
A hostile kissable kindness
The most vulnerable worthwhile weakness
A place where hearts attach striven in sweetness 
To gaze in the stars leaves the night sleepless
When three words can leave her speechless

I won't give up on you
Although hidden feelings can make the skies rough
Even striven stars fall from above
Forgive me for the words I forbade my lips to speak of
I'm giving you all my love
God knows I'm tough enough

Susie A.