Loves young dream

Loves young dream

A girl and a boy
holding hands
in the park
loves young dream
but all is not how it seems

The guys got a beard
The girls wearing a hijab
They look Islamic
But the realities tragic

Boyfriend and girlfriend
Hand in hand
Romeo and Juliet
The Muslim kind

Parents don’t know
And cant imagine
Their child up to no good
Breaking all the taboos

Beard and hijab just for show
Away from the family
Almost anything goes
When in Rome do as the Romans
Seems to be the motto

Appearences can be misleading and decieving
Never judge a book by its cover
But it’s a good way for fooling the rents
Leave home with books every morning
Then engage in flirting and other things
Instead of studying
Who needs that baggage

Dating leading to marriage
That’s the game plan
Its better then parents arranging
Cousins back home disapointed
Never mind
They can visit
And do a runner

Boys wanting a quick fumble and lay
I love you and presents
Seem to be the quickest way
But the girl wants commitment and something stable
So make promises of marriage one day
To get your way

When things turn sour
The girl gets a bad rep
Slag and whore
While the guy gets rated
And adds another notch
The girls life botched
And destroyed
But that’s just the way it goes
In the liberated west

Few relationships last long
And most don’t even last a term
Some lead to all sorts of harm
STIs and abortions
But no one cares and follows blindly
This trend of dating which leads to infamy

So what to follow and who to obey?
Hmm, that’s the big question
Maybe our creator and his commands.
Instead of whims and desires
Which lead to haram

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So true

JazakaLlahu khayr thats true someone was really needed to point that out