Me n My Nafs

**_Me 'n' My Nafs_**

O my inners Nafs I plead to you please be patient for a day
You try to overpower me cause your greedy and want your way
I strive to calm you for eternal bliss my heart desires
Yet you try to push me down a deep hole in the Hell fires
O Allah I need you in every breath I take
O Nafs I beg you please give me a break
On the Day Of Judgement the time scale is 50,000 years
I crave to die a pious mumin and remove my worst fears
Life is a trial, tribulation and constant test
Inshallah I'll have IHSAN in every deed and do my upmost best
In Dunya I am crying tears of blood inside yet on the outside I smile
In the Hereafter we will sweat with sun at a mile
Only those who loved for the sake of Allah won't flee
Jannah and Hell are forever subhanallah, for eternity
Constant submission upon the Creator in this land
Be successful inshallah receive your Book Of Deeds in your right hand
ISLAM is a narrow straight path, evaluate yourself and keep on track
Never backbite cause it's a major sin, speaking behind one's back
The sirat is as sharp as a sword and as thin as a line of hair
Don't follow your inner nafs and desires by trying to catch thin air
If you knew the reward for praying ISHA and FAJR you'd crawl
Miss your 5 daily prayers, your whole IMAN will fall
Show good character, make your character dough and your good deeds salt
Never judge others please look at your own fault
What weighs the most is your manners
Ink has dried, pen has been lifted from your life script O Allah the best of planners
Never delay and do today is what I confess
Save depression, save time as well as stress
Follow your Nafs and regret for years cause Satan's winning
Who else to blame but yourself, why?

Cause your sinning..