I was set upon a mission by my great Lord
I was to travel with my brothers, carrying my sword.
My sword is my deen which lies deep in my heart,
I was thrown behind bars before my journey could start.

In the cold cells, which lay dark and very dry,
I opened up my book, which gave light brighter then the sky.
The book was the Qur’aan which lit my life and cell bright,
Giving me many answers and healing my sight.

I was finally able to see and understand why I was there,
I had once called for the tawheed whilst the rest stood in stare.
I was accused of plotting to murder and take away innocent lives,
The accusations mean nothing; it’s a pack of British lies.

On my own I am nothing, yet they are fast to point at me,
My lord is the taker of life; it’s as simple as it can be.
They’ve labelled me as an extremist, as a murdering beast,
They say I’ve terrorised the people – from the West to the East.

With all the western values pouncing back on me,
I lift my hands up high, supplicating sincerely.
My brothers and myself have been chosen by The Great,
How can we reject this, after being elevated to such a state?

I love what I am given, I can not express it today,
My time is very short, I must now go away.
Although I am locked behind bars as you can see,
I will travel to the past and future maybe.

Before I can leave, I ask for a favour – just one,
Remember us in your Du’aas, even when we’re gone.
May Allah increase our sabr, and protect our families
And unite us together in jannah – Allahuma Ameen!