a poem written by Mohamed, Ahmed and Maria

Modesty is like a pearl beneath the sea
Like a rare ray of hope burning through my darkest night
An internally burning candlelight
Wearing short skirts and low tops won’t get me any respect
But covering my body from all aspects
So I keep my pride up i wont let it drop
I am the term they call modesty

i wear clothes Allah has commanded so preciously
To be judged for who i am and not what I can give
Pleasing my lord and doing what he commands is why I live
I do not seek to pleases the people
but I seek to please my lord
Logically speaking i seek the reward
I seek the gardens of paradise that lasts for an eternity
A second life that my minds cant conceive
And my eyes can’t begin to see
Where the shackles of mortality are broken
and am finally free

That’s why I choose to dress so modestly
Modestly is how i choose to dress
It’s only my creator I choose to impress
My body is coverd from my head to my toes
And with contempt I expect nothing good from my foes
They laugh at how I dress they make fun of my cloth
But little do they now that I’m a diamond amongst coals

My fascinating, breathtaking beauty
is for no stranger to know
My scarf is my glimmer
And the shine of my soul
Is what fills me with peace and allows me to feel whole
Its what makes me a believing woman fulfilling my role

My actions representing me no matter when or where
I give respect to all, in negative comments I never share
The life I try to live is seen as strange and very rare
I try my best to make my inner self reflect the cloth I wear
so to all who ask,and question me
I am the term they call modesty


o my Allah.. i love this poem it inspired me to write my own poem about modesty.. it called "the proud modest" BTW it's my favorite of all the poems i read so far... LOVE IT!