Moment of Weakness

I'm tripping right now O my soul
This crazy game that we play
The urge to keep seeking you
knowing the dangers on my way.

I am a soldier and I'm strong
This rock persona I portray
Russian roulette game on my plate
My heart and my soul I betray.

You hand me bouquet of roses
unmindful of the thorns tearing my heart away
Consumed by fiery desire
I keep on pressing 'ACTION! PLAY!'

I'm in a state of fierce battle
Chaos, disorder, disarray
Heedless of my fall and my pain
I'm a wounded captive, cast away!

I need to gather my strength
before the ship sails away
from this game of Russian Roulette
from this addiction keep away.

My nafs beautifies the game of love
or this crazy lust I must say
Intoxicating adrenalin she offers
I stay on lock and my senses fade away.

I must turn back to my Lord
Seek refuge in Him and obey
bite my lips and tighten my belt
The hill is so steep, no child's play.

Ya Rabb! Rescue me, I'm wounded
I'm desperately searching for that ray
The ray of mercy and guidance
lest I be of the lost on that Day.

The Day you gather all your slaves
to account for what they sent away
My Lord make me that soldier of Yours
Who rose from the ashes and mended her way.

I seek a shelter under Your Throne
where there's no shade but Yours on that Day
Make me of those who turn to You repentant
Seeking Your Pleasure, they make way.

Those who get their books on their right
better yet, the foremost who obey
Set me free Ya Rabb I need You
To You I confess, my repentance You accept..I pray.

Umm Muhammad