A Mothers Words

A Mothers Words

Loving you was the least I could do to soothe your gentle heart
To watch you grow, to train you well
To teach you al-Islaam

Brave my boy is, growing up so strong with a weapon in his hand
Hoping one day, he might help free our promised land

But a mothers heart is one that you should handle with care
For just a tiny crack, can bring grief and dispair

Even though my son is promised peace and serenity
There will always be that part, missing inside of me

For I did love my son, I loved him quite well
But my heart is at ease, knowing he will not enter the gates of hell

For Allah has promised peace and provision
For all of those who have made that desicion

To sacrifice their life, for His Sake
And that is the reason why, my heart shall never break
Never more could I ask to be

Umm Mujahid al Zarqawi*