Ms. Angle

Listen here I have a story to tell.
About a beautiful angle, from heaven she fell.

On her way to earth,
She soared through space.
The stars moved out of her way
Cause they knew she was a different kind of race.

As she landed on our planet,
She wasn't hard to find.
But once I'd seen her,
I knew she had to be all mine.

People got out of their car
Wondered from afar
If what they had just seen was a fallen star
But she was way beyond what they are

Out of all the billions,
She was the only one
With such unseen beauty
That lit as bright as the sun

Then came the disasters one after an other
All the problems we faced, we faced them together
Got so closer we almost knew each other
After awhile we didn't need to bother

Rest in peace,
That's all I can say
I'll never forget the good times
And above all, that wonderful day