The recital was given by Muhammad (saw) For the Lord of the worlds,
with Jibriels coaching the ‘Slaves’ tongue slowly unfurls.

Muhammad (saw) recites the Suras slowly as they are carved on his heart,
‘The Slave of Allah, to the world, the glorious Quran imparts.

‘The Truthful - The Honest’, glorious names for this humble man,
chosen by The One True Creator God to re-establish Islam.

The one true religion, given to all the Prophets of old,
by the mouth of Muhammad (saw), the beautiful Suras are told.

Through the last book of Allah, will the Prophet (pbuh) mankind advise,
to guide him to a true path (Hanifan), wherein a beautiful paradise lies.

This holiest of men, entrusted by AlmightyAllah to establish the Imaan,
belief in ‘The One True Creator God’, the five pillars, the shield of Islam.

Where is the ‘Imaan’, the shield of the Ummah?
the shield our beloved Prophet (pbuh) established in Makkah.

The Ummah is spread wide, many cultures, some narrowly divided,
where is the ‘Imaan’ our beloved Prophet (pbuh) once provided?

If only Mankind could change and make himself humble,
and not create wars, which make the life structures crumble.

If only all nations would give and not be so greedy,
think not of yourselves, but the oppressed and the needy.

The cries of the ‘Ummah’ yes every single nation,
are heard by ‘Almighty Allah’ the Lord of all creation,

Look inside yourselves, examine the five pillars,
where are the Prophets (pbuh) legacy, his trusty khalifahs?

To all peoples of all nations go out and seek,
he who is humble but mighty and with light on his cheek.

Let him assemble the ‘Holy Ones’, the lights of Islam,
to bring you all under ‘Allahs’ umbrella, the shield, your Imaan!!

Written by Hanifan 11-02-2003