Muhammad (S)

Muhammad like Adam was Innocent and Pure

He was a True Spirit-Of-God , for sure….

Muhammad like Noah, built an Ark of Salvation

For people of all times, true to the Religion…..

Muhammad like Abraham was Certain and Assured

He was blessed by Almighty, rescued and secured…

Muhammad like Jonah, survived in Whale

And never let the message of God go stale….

Muhammad like Lut warned the transgressors

He called upon preserving the ‘values’ for successors

Muhammad like Joseph was Handsome and Unique

He was Honest and Truthfull,called ‘Ameen’ and ‘Sadeeq’

Muhammad like David was Wise and Blessed

He never let the Call of Justise , be suppressed…

Muhammad was like Moses,Mighty and Strong

He freed his people from those doing Wrongs

Muhammad like John Baptized our Souls

He encourage every body …to play a role…..

Muhammad like Jesus,was Humble and Meek

He offered Simple Truth, for everyone who seeks…

Muhammad is Quran is called the ‘Seal Of Prophets’

A title like a Diamond ..which has many facets..

Muhammad is the "Last Of the Prophets" Allah sent

And Quran is the "Last of the Messages" Allah meant..

Muhammad is an Example for Muslims to follow

Muhammad is a Torch of True Light that glows…

Muhammad was a standard,Muhammad was Genuine

Muhammad was Divine, but Muhammad was a Human…!


Dedicated to Prophet Muhammad-The Khatamun-Nabbiyeen