Muhammad-what is hidden in a name


May Allah know he is my Lord my Rabb and my friend,
that Islam is my deen until my days come to an end.
The love and the faith of the Ummah is a tremendous inspiration,
Muhammad (saw) my Nabbi, the best in all of creation.

Uniting all under one God was Muhammad’s (saw) dream,
charity, humility, love and faith in his Creator was his theme.
Give us the strength O’Lord to follow his wonderful example,
lead us to Paradise, where you’re holy fruits we may sample.

Help your neighbour, feed the poor and pay Zakaat,
for the poor recite dua’s, then offer your salaat.
Always make wudhu and keep yourself clean,
read the Quran daily and the light will be seen.

All worship to Allah, the one true God, the most divine,
the true path of Islam will bring you to the sublime.
Raise up your voices, to Almighty Allah give praise,
his alone is the democracy, the sovereignty and grace.

Mankind, created by the grace of the Lord of worlds,
he gave us the freedom and power over all that it holds.
He first created Adam from blood and some clay,
he then created Eve with whom Adam could play.

Muhammad (saw) the last Prophet but the most important by far,
was sent to guide us and to bring the Light from the Lord of the star.
Allah, enlightened the Prophet with the sura’s of Jamal-Ul-Quran,
inside you will find all the guidelines for the emancipation of man.

All alone with his Creator, can mankind find the light?
and with Jamal-Ul-Quran you will gain the insight.
The Companions recorded the Quran which cannot be disputed,
unlike the Holy books before, misread, misquoted and corrupted.

Despair not children of Islam, for the Lord of the light,
will appoint a protector filled with his might.
The Imaan, the shield of Islam sent here by Allah the one true God,
where is your Imaan sons of Adam, ye men of the sod?

Written by Hanifan 14-11-01