The Mujahideens Anthem

The Mujahideens Anthem
By Showkat Ali

Welcome to Iraq
Oh! Modern day crusaders
Quoting words like liberation and democracy
To gain entry
Instead of open sesame
Alternative to dictatorship and tyranny

Christian Cross no longer visible
But your fate will be terrible
You will Experience hell
On this scorched earth
Bullets, landmines and bombs
Daily Without intervals
For u for whom the bell tolls

Your worst nightmares coming true
Daytime u witness things which make u feel sick and blue
And in the night unable to sleep
Nightmares and bad dreams
Wake up sweating and screaming
No escape from evil deeds and memories

Why did u join the crusade?
Why did u want to be brave?
Why did u come to be a hero?

Why did u believe that war is noble?
Why did u believe the lies of Bush and Blair?
Why did u believe that they were just and fair?

No warm welcomes at all
Except by bullets and bombs
While u expected garlands of flowers
Kisses from women
And the band playing songs of victory
Reminiscent of France in 45

The dole was better for u
Coz in Iraq u will lose your humanity,
soul and your dignity

We are Muslims
We bow only to Allah
No matter what horrors u inflict
U will never have control
Of our land and spirit

Ask the Mongols
Who came saw and conquered
Whose fate and destiny
Was to be converted

What does fate have in store for u?
A quick painless death if you’re lucky
or even a slight wound
Self inflicted maybe

You wish to finish your tour of duty quickly
And get back home to mummy and daddy
Kids and wife and the rest of your loving family
But if the Mujahideen have their way
You’re going home in a body bag
Or wounded mortally
Limbs and body parts missing
Buried underneath our soil
Where they will remain for eternity
Even after your army

When you return home
With your medals and glory
You find that
Your mind is scarred
Worse than your body
Unable to sleep peacefully
Thoughts of suicide
Inside your mind
Unable to be a husband or daddy

Drink and drugs
Relationship breakdown
Domestic violence
Kids taken away
Friends keep their distance
All on your own
Ignored and neglected
Just like the women
and children u killed
Buried in secret graves

U obeyed orders
For Queen and country
Where are they now?
While u need them urgently

U suffer in silence
And show defiance

But the nightmares continue

Every day is a living hell
Anti-depressants and sleeping pills
Counselling doesn’t help
the dreams come and leave
as they please
naked women screaming
girls begging for mercy
Men and boys blind folded
Crying for Allah and their mothers

Eventually driving u insane
another veteran
and victim of illegal invasion
Not registered a casualty
Hidden away quietly
Out of sight and out of mind

Author:[email protected]