Musalmaan aur Quraan

Musalmaan aur Quraan

(My Urdu Poem)

aieena dekh kur main pureshaan ho gaya
apnay wajood pur hi pushemaan ho gaya

is qaaro baar e deen* ne to burbaad kur dia
eemaan ko tola to main be-eemaan ho gaya

dhoonda jugha jugha, magr na khola apna dil
aur jhaanka, to teri deed ka samaan ho gaya

ous zaat se mansoob kia naffa o nuksaan
kub jaanay woh qahaar, mehrbaan ho gaya

pehlay Quran tha bus ik mo'jaza faqat
nikla jahaad pay to phir 'Furqaan' ho gaya

chup saadhay jo baitha raha tha manind e durwaish
bola , to wahi aandhi o toofaan ho gaya

bola koi main mo'jaza hoon , 'aajiz' karoo ga main
jab aqal se milla to khud hairaan ho gaya

apnay qadam chulna hoa dushwaar kis qadar
kaandhay se ous kay rusta kuch aasaan ho gaya

husrat bana rahaa jo baras ha basad e shoq
nikla jo meray dil se to aurmaan ho gaya

ehl e kitaab* aaj jisay kehtay hain 'shaheed'
ik 'hurf' tha jo rah main qurbaan ho gaya

shaitaan mera dost , dereena ik rafeeq
ub k mila to jaan kur un-jaan ho gaya

Duniya ka Ilm jaana . jaana na apna deen*
Ab samjha kaisay zehn yeh veeran ho gaya

Paya zaroor jis ne bhi maanga khuda se SUCH
Yun hi to nahi Budha ko Nirvaan ho gaya

Jis ne kia gharoor o takubbar, zun o gumaan
Ilm o aqal k ba wajood ,nadaan ho gaya

tafreeq k janoon ne mujhay muskrik bana dia
thaami jo HUB LULAHH, MUSALMAAN ho gaya

taira to teray ishq main 'kia kia' nahi bana
'dooba' jo aik baar main INSAAN ho gaya

Allah ka Ehsaan tha ya husn e amal o khoo
'Saadiq' 'Ameen', "Khulq u hul Qur-aan "ho gaya


Dedicated to 'Deen e Islam'

(*Quran waalay muraad hain )



The Muslim And The Quran

I became so astonished to look at my reflection in the mirror. Somehow the shame took me over!

I became so sick of the so-called religious business that I felt my faith was endangered!

I have been wandering in searching of the divine from place to place. Never thought that He resides in my own heart!

So I trust in Him for my gains and losses, hoping that He will shower his blessings on me!

I deemed the Holy Quran to be a miracle of Allah only. Now I know that this is a Furqaan which distinguishes the right from wrong when fights like a soldier!

It is like a derwaish who keeps quiet all the time yet when speaks becomes a strom!

The role of worldly miracles are just very small compared to what wisdom can play in one’s life!

It’s really hard to do anything without Allah’s help!

I have been wishing upon something which is like a dream becoming true now!

So a Martyr could be the words which fight and die in the name of Almighty while it's just a word in the believer's eyes!

Shaitaan who pretended to be my friend, just ignored me when I started believing in Allah’s words!

I found the wordly knowledge to be one of the reason for all the delusions of human mind!

Anyone who seeks the Truth ,finds it .Even Budha wasn’t turned down!

But those who are prejudice, become losers in spite of all their intelligence and never find wisdom!

All divisions lead to shirk. Only following the Quran makes us true Muslim!

One may become proud of the religious knowledge, but only the humbleness makes one truly a human!

Just like Allah’s blessing upon Muhammad (S) , the Truthful and the Honest,made him the perfect example of the conduct in Quran!