Muslim Holocaust

Muslim Holocaust

First they came for the extremist Muslims
And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an extremist Muslim

Then they came for the fundamentalist Muslims
And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a fundamentalist Muslim

Then they came for the moderate Muslims
And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a moderate Muslim

Then finally they came for me the non-practicing British Muslim
And no Muslims were left to speak out for me

Europe 2012
Resembling Germany in the 30s
Parallels are apparent and
It could never happen in this day and age
Their would be outrage
The world over
On every front page
Say the naive and gullible

Study history
See the patterns
Jews integrated and totally assimilated in Germany
Business, economy, media, culture and inter-marriage
Thought they were Germans
Accepted at last
No more pogroms or anti-Semitic witch hunts
They couldn’t have been more wrong

After WW1
German economy and society devastated
Recession, high unemployment
Economic melt down and inflation
The whole nation
Looking for a solution and scapegoat

Enter Adolf Hitler
With simple answers to complex problems
Jewish conspiracy and Aryan superiority
Counter balance to Communism
Even funded by some Jews
Sound bites and slogans
Playing the blame game
Seducing and hypnotising the masses

Using the media and playing on peoples phobias
Creating an atmosphere and public opinion
For racist violence
Individual attacks
Accelerating to state policy
Mass arrests and imprisonment without trial
Police state
No trial by jury
Deportation and extermination

No opposition
Silent collusion
Most keep silent
Evil triumphant
Assets confiscated
World is silent

End of race on German soil
Put in camps and made to toil
Buried beneath the European soil
Forgotten people until 47

Died in showers
And gas chambers
Without a struggle or a fight
Huge number
But in self inflicted slumber
Integrated and assimilated
Road to self destruction
And eventual annihilation

Today Muslims in Britain
Successful and integrated
Business, economy, education, health service etc
We are contributing to Britain’s success and prosperity
Paying taxes
And slogging our guts and back
For below minimum pay
Our success without compromise
Leading to envy

Educating our children in madrassas and masjids
Teaching Islamic values
Respect, family, honour
And halal and haram as a criteria
To become good law abiding citizens
And not binge drinking, disrespectful, hooligan, yobs
Without jobs
But still the Politicians and media create hysteria

Attack on the veil
Convenient excuse to put Islam on trial
Attacks on Muslims
Physical and verbal
On the streets and in the masjid
Nowhere is safe from the fascists

Islam we cannot deny, compromise or leave
No matter how hard it gets

Muslims arrested and locked up
Due process suspended
By Cameron the Fuehrer and Pharaoh
Bell marsh and Wood hill
Modern day Auschwitz
Anti-terror police invade Muslim women’s privacy
Kicking Qurans and asking
“Where is your God now?”
Just like the SS

Society is silent
Muslims living in denial
Thinking they are safe
Muslim MPs and Police do the dirty
For a fat salary
How they can betray their own and Allah
Is a mystery

See the parallels with Nazi Germany
Beginning of Muslim holocaust
And inquisition on European soil
Convert to secular British identity
Or the stick will be used
Multi- Cultralism abandoned
Mainstream politicians make racist slurs daily
Competing to outdo each other
BNP is silent and speechless

It’s not too late
We’re still breathing
Time for us to learn our Deen
Discuss with non-Muslims
Explain and refute
The state propaganda and media lies
To reverse state policy

It’s hard but we have to try
No more hiding or living in denial
The Muslim Holocaust has begun

We either die in ignorance
Or go down fighting
With honour and dignity
And meet our lord smiling