The Muslim Prisoners

Where should I begin?
From the injustices to your rights taken away?
Or should I begin from the pain that grows each day?

Great lions of Islam
You are not easy for them to tame
thus you are in cages because they fear
that with minds like yours, their end will be near.

Humble as a lamb
Courageous as a lion
With veins made of iron

The world is against you
but they have no clue
that Allah is with you
thus your heart is content

You've endured suffering and pain
because the pleasure of Allah is what you hope to gain.
Jannah is your aim!

Is there any sacrifice a slave could make other then that?
You lay down cold in tattered mats.

Waiting for the decree of Allah.
You ask for his guidance while in Salah.
Aiming to gain his Jannah.
Do not fear! Do not fear!
I have you all in my DU'A