Muslim teens in the west

Muslim teens in the west

In the west
Life is hard
Like one big test
Everyone wants to be the best

Lots of temptations
And agitations
Hard to find satisfaction
In the correct way
Many go astray
And never return back

To the path that’s straight

I know how Yusuf AS felt
When the queen called him
And tried to seduce him
Coz I feel the same every day
When I see women asking me to play

They way society is
And women dressed
And behave
Giving me the eye
And its hard to say goodbye

Pictures on posters
On tv screens
Pretty women
Hard to look away
And stop sinning

On the net
The same thing
Women adding me to msn
Winking and lolling
And porn just a click away

I’m seventeen
And hormones don’t need much
To get excited
And infuriated
The more I suppress
The more the pressure builds
And I fear going astray

Mates give me invitation
To join them in some fun

And interaction
Pass me digits

Of some desperate chicks
And tell me whose hot
And whose not

They tell me to call
And have a late night ball
But I fear that I might fall
Into sinning

There’s no denying
And go all the way,
With women who

just want a quick lay

They laugh at me
Coz I’m still a virgin
Intact and waiting for my wedding
Before I lose my honour
In the correct manner

They say we were born
To have fun
with girls and porn
Its a part of life
Mainly when you don’t have a wife

So I struggle
And fall on occasions
Commit haram
And feel bad afterwards
Always return back to my lord

Coz I know Islam is the truth

And no matter what I do and follow
Allah will always forgive me
And embrace me in mercy
As long as I make tawba
And try not to go astray

After all I am a teen
And a victim of western society

Masha'Allah you said it all

Masha'Allah you said it all brother :)