my dear father

you use to carry me on your shoulders when i was a tiddler
i remember you always telling me stories of prophet ibrahim and son ismail with tender
but i started to become distant from you as i i grew older
life took a turn as i became colder

we didnt talk often and we quarrelled
barely looked eye to eye, as i remember
you were all day and every day at work so you could feed us
i was all day and every day out stoned giving you affliction

ive given you 34 years of nothing but pain and wretchedness
i see your lonely eyes with emptyness and sadness
still call me "my dear son" with full of emotion and affection
now, youve become old and feeble

i regret and now cry before allah for forgiveness
i make dua for us to increase our love endless
want to hug you and protect you from all harms
and to wipe the tears away from your blessed face

i want to say im sorry for my attitude
i want to say thank you for loving me through and through
my dear father im dedicating this poem just for you
because my heart does bleeds for you and also i want to say "i love you".